The first and last mile (FLM) problem, representing the poor connection between trip origins or destinations and public transport stations. The FLM problem is likely to encourage the use of cars for FLM travel, or increase the propensity of driving to the destinations directly instead of taking public transport. The role that modality style plays in mode choice is well established in transport literature for capturing the preference heterogeneity in travel and activity behaviour. However, what remains less evident is the role of modality style in FLM travel mode choice. In line with this deficit, this study examines the role of modality style on mode choice behaviour associated with FLM travel from the following three perspectives: (1) the role of individual modality style and built environment in FLM mode choice behaviour; (2) the influence of household modality style on individual FLM mode choice by considering the decision of joint travel, in order to capture the intra-household interactions; and, (3) Understanding the role of household modality style in FLM travel mode choice and public transport station choice, with considering the heterogeneous decision rules. The outcomes from this thesis contribute to a new evidence base with the potential to geographically isolate particular locales where target policy can be deployed aimed at bringing about modal shift from motorised vehicles to more sustainable transport in FLM travel mode choice.

Biography: Ying Lu is a HDR scholar, and research officer at School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. His research interests focus on transport geography, and travel behaviour.


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