Climate-induced tree-line migrations and their climatic feedback effect caused by altered carbon dynamics


This study firstly aims to enhance the understanding of global tree-line dynamics by conducting a global metadata analysis. It furthermore aims to establish if and how the Australian tree-line at Mt Kosciuszko has responded to climate change, and to identify what climatic factors may be capable of driving future tree-line movements in Australia. Lastly, the study assesses the potential impact tree-line migration may have on above and below ground carbon budgets. It is yet unclear what, if any, effect tree-line movements will have on the overall carbon budgets of these ecosystems, and this study hopes to clarify this potentially significant climatic feedback effect. It is in this study hypothesised that a net release of carbon will occur.

Advisory Team

Associate Professor Paul Dargusch, Professor Jamie Shulmeister 


Room 320, Steele Building (#03)