Characterizing the Variability of Natural and Anthropogenic Properties in a Tropical Watershed: A Case Study of Brantas River Basin, Indonesia


Tropical watersheds have been part of emerging concerns due to increasing pressures both natural and anthropogenic, and Indonesia’s watersheds are no different.  Many of the watersheds in Indonesia have been considered in critical or degrading conditions.  There have been increasing environmental problems due to the watershed degradation.  The existing condition shows that the diversity in watershed characteristics and role of human influence, especially land use have not much been explored in order to gain understanding of watershed behavior and their associated potential ecological risks.

The primary aim of this thesis is to address the gap in knowledge by investigating the possibility of characterizing the watershed descriptors both bio-physical and anthropogenic in Brantas river basin, understanding the major land use dynamics, their major drivers, and their relationship to river flows in Brantas river basin. Further, the study will examine whether this knowledge be used to predict long-term land use change and its impacts on flow response.

Advisory Team

Professor Stuart Phinn, Professor Neil McIntyre


Room 320, Steele Building (#03)