An analysis and characterization of coastal landslide occurrence and hazard and assessment of its potential impact in southeastern Queensland


The project will analyse the probability of landslide hazard in southeastern Queensland by exploring the possible and worst-case scenarios. The study will develop a method that includes identification of triggering processes leading to slope failure, mapping of these, and calculation of hazard levels. A predictive model will be established to determine the strength of geologic units and estimate the effect of co-seismic shaking and climate and land use change on landsliding. The outcome of the work will be a landslide hazard zonation map specifically for the coastal environment. It will assign a discrete value to each 30-metre pixel and show how much a slope could be displaced based on its geotechnical resistance in a probable earthquake and climate conditions.

Advisory Team

Associate Professor Lutz Gross
Dr Annie Lau


Room 314/315, Steele Building (#03)