Environmental impacts and ecosystem response to forest fire smoke


Long-term research goals have been primarily directed at understanding meteorological phenomena that develop in regions of complex, urbanized terrain.  This research thrust has broadened to consider the impact of long-range transport of burgeoning pollutant emissions and crustal dust from Eurasia to North America. A central part of this work was the installation of a state-of-the-art lidar facility at UBC in collaboration with Environment Canada. Lately his interests have turned to the transport and impacts of wildfire smoke. 


Dr. McKendry completed his PhD in 1985 at the University of Canterbury, NZ, and is currently a Professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver where he is a long-standing member of the Atmospheric Science program and appointed in Geography (since 1992). He is currently an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Climatology. 


Room 320, Steele Building (#03)