An assessment of the role of biochar and charcoal in reducing the negative impact of fires in Central Kalimantan


The aim of the research is to conceptualise and simulate the use of fire in the study area by households as an endogenously emergent phenomenon using a systems thinking / system dynamics approach, consider the variables within the system of greatest influence on fire impacts, and to consider an alternative livelihood activity of charcoal or biochar production in the study area. No pre-existing system dynamics modelling of the use of fire in the study area is found in the literature review, neither has this approach been considered for a system of slash and char. The research outcomes will include a simulation of the study area with and without the uptake of charcoal and biochar as an alternative livelihood.

Advisory Team

Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Paul Dargusch

Associate Advisors: Dr Carl Smith; Dr Ammar Abdul Aziz; Dr Stephen Joseph




Room 320, Steele Building (#03), St Lucia Campus