In honour of International Women’s Day, SEES Senior Lecturer Dorina Pojani will be presenting on the topic of women and city planning. The event is organised by the Organization of Planning Students at UQ (OOPS) and will be followed by a panel discussion.


Gender issues, including gender equality, gender equity, and gender mainstreaming or gender integration, have become important in urban planning, as well as other policy areas. Notwithstanding considerable variety among “women”, there are significant differences between the city planning needs, behaviors and patterns of movement in cities, and levels of physical access to work, services, and recreation, of women compared to men. Gender-based planning differences tend to be more accentuated in developing countries.


Dr Dorina Pojani is a Senior Lecturer in urban planning. She joined UQ’s planning program in 2015. Originally from Albania, she lived, worked and/or studied in Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, and the USA, prior to moving to Australia. In 2016-17, she was a visiting Lecturer at the University of Vienna, Austria. Her research interests encompass urban transport, urban design, and housing. She has published books and numerous articles on urban planning. Visit her page:


314/315, level 3, Steele building (#3)