SEES storm chaser maps thunderstorm hotspots

27 Jun 2017

Dr Joshua Soderholm talking to Courtney from Totally WildWhile some researchers conduct their work in the lab, Dr Joshua Soderholm of UQ’s Climate Research Group​, in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, is more likely to be out on field locations in pursuit of Queensland thunderstorm hot spots.

Josh has a front row view to spectacular thunder and lightning, while using Australia’s first mobile weather radar, weather balloons and quadcopters to get close to storms and collect data.

His research aims to provide a more accurate understanding of south-east Queensland thunderstorms.

Josh, who features in a new episode of Channel 10's Totally Wild Program, explains the importance of his research in preparing the public for intense climate events.

He has used historical data from Bureau of Meteorology radars over 19 years, combined with a two-year field campaign and observations from weather stations to develop a thunderstorm map highlighting the most and least affected areas. 

You can read more about his research on UQ news

Watch the Totally Wild episode